Welcome to “Prairie Parson Ministries.” I am Patricia Mulligan Jones, known by some people in the world as “The Prairie Parson” columnist for “Tradition” magazine, which is edited by recording artist, Robert (Bob) Everhart. My ministry is, as you probably already figured, entitled after my character name used in “Tradition.” Feel free to click to read a few samples of my “Prairie Parson” columns, other writings, or anything else you want to click on.

Purpose for this website

The Lord led me to have this non-profit ministry website available for anyone who would like to visit. I am available to listen, counsel, and pray, personally, with you through emails, or LIVE, via the on-line MSN or Yahoo Messenger services. Just click on “Contact Me,” to email me a message, or to request a schedule of time for me to pray and talk with you, on-line, regarding any needs you may have.

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